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Posted on Apr 22, 2014

Publishing: Prizes You Can Win Through Magazines

Sweepstakes are a type of contest in which the winner receives a prize, usually of considerable value helping some “strike it rich.” In a typical contest there is one grand prize winner, followed by additional winners of lesser prizes. The most common method of advertising and sponsoring sweepstakes contests is through magazine publishers. The primary purpose of magazine-sponsored sweepstakes contests is to increase the magazine’s subscription base, though by law any eligible entrant is not required to make any purchase, such as a subscription to the magazine. The number of sweepstakes contests at any given time is so large that it would be impractical to make a complete listing, yet there are ways to find contests that offer you the most interesting prizes. One method is to develop keywords that when entered into a search engine, such as Google, will display the current contests for that type of prize. For example, entering the keywords: “sweepstakes prize cars and trucks” will give you many hits for winning new vehicles. Some...

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