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Posted on Sep 4, 2017

Dive and maritime products with ADS

Atlantic Diving Supply has been a leader in providing the government top quality equipment. Some of their best diving equipment is listed below.

Aqua Lung Argonaut Attack Board
To each maritime officer who might be looking for a product that allows the inclination and support of compasses and wrist worn devices, the Aqua Lung Argonaut Attack Board should be your ideal option. This maritime product is purely made up of a rugged yet versatile anodized aluminum frame which allows you to place your maritime products safely. This product is lightweight, supports numerous devices, and it is corrosion resistant.

Aqua Lung Argonaut Cache Bag
This Aqua Lung Argonaut bag is not your regular type of bag. I can base this on the fact that it comes equipped with a military grade mesh bag that can hold a wide assortment of gear. This bag has 2 internal pockets for extra storage, 1 external mask pocket for holding products that need aeration, double hydrophobic materials for increased durability, and a single external drape pocket which protects the stored equipment just in case you decide to bury the bag and its products ashore.

Aqua Lung Conshelf XIV
This Aqua Lung product is one of the world leading professional and military operations regulator. It has a durable and time proven diaphragm which helps you to monitor your lung functional abilities. The product has a chrome-plated and a marine brass and is fully approved for use by the USA Navy.

Aqua Lung Micromask
This revolutionary micro mask has a patented design which makes it possible for different types of lenses to fit in the lens openings comfortably. Thanks to its extra low volume, this mask is an ideal product for scuba divers or military personnel who engage in diving activities. It has a patented design with double joint buckles which rotate in an outward, inward, upward, and downward motion. This provides maximum comfort and adaptability to the user.

Aqua Lung Argonaut Cache Stake
This military-oriented product has been designed in such a manner that it can support the anchoring of sub surface products. This cache stake comes equipped with a sturdy and easy to remove tip, aluminum construction, and training tips. Its design is primarily meant for usage with cache bags hence making it the ideal product for anyone with a cache bag.
Aqua Lung Surface Supplied Harness
This harness is perfect for military divers and commercial usage thanks to its highly-effective harness which works perfectly for diving and saturation roles. It has a unique weight release system and a fully adjustable webbing system. Apart from this, it has three extraction points which make it easier for the user to remove the harness and the weight carried. As a product that has been certified for use by the U.S. Navy, the harness can carry a single bailout cylinder comfortably.

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