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Posted on Sep 16, 2013

Installing WordPress – All About it

The ability for you to have a website up and running in minutes has been made possible by WordPress. The difference between WordPress and all the other free website platforms is the quality of the website you will produce and all the features you can add to your website that really make it perform well. If you are considering building a WordPress website, here are some tips and tricks you should know before creating your website.

The WordPress platform make it simple to upload the information to your hosting site. When you begin to upload WordPress, you can use the Fantastico tool to easily create the base of the website in minutes. Once you have the platform set up, WordPress gives you many tools to help create a one of a kind website unique to any on the web. You can use their themes system to basically choose how you want the website to look to visitors. Thousands of choices are available for free, and each has it’s own features that can help visitors on your website. WordPress also has plugin system that allows you to add all those special features to your website like shopping carts, auto responders, analytics, and affiliate banners. These plugins help you to add to the theme you select and make your website fully functioning according to the needs of your visitors.

Once you have your WordPress website set up, you have to remember a few things many people forget. The first thing you want to do is go into the privacy section of the settings area, and change the preset setting to allow the search engines to find your website. This setting is off to allow you to build your website, you must turn it on when your website is ready to go. You also want to create a privacy policy for your website. This is a free plugin, and will help you to protect yourself from Google in case your website ever gets reported. The sitemap is another plugin you not only need, but you need to activate only after the website is complete. This will tell the search engine spiders to come looking at your website. Finally one of the things many people forget to do on their new WordPress website is to remove placeholders the website leaves to help you build a site. You want to remove the hello dolly page, the temporary pages and posts that are only there as dummy pages. These pages need to be deleted so the search engines do not crawl them.

Some of the common mistakes that people make when installing WordPress is that they do not carefully go into the settings section and personalize the website. You need to add your email address to the settings and contact area of the theme. There are four areas on the WordPress sites that are set with a generic email address that you need to change to your own. One other common mistake is on the setting page, under the title of your website. Many people forget to create a byline under their headline. This byline is one of the first things a spider or search engine sees when visiting your website, and you need to ensure that you have one or more of your keywords in the byline. Take the time and go through all the sections of your new WordPress and be sure to change any generic settings and delete any placeholders their to help you create the website. You can spend a few hours on cleaning up the settings and have a one of a kind website that is not only appealing on the eyes, but is actually a fully functioning website that attracts visitors to your business.