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Publishing: Prizes You Can Win Through Magazines

Posted on Apr 22, 2014

Sweepstakes are a type of contest in which the winner receives a prize, usually of considerable value helping some “strike it rich.” In a typical contest there is one grand prize winner, followed by additional winners of lesser prizes. The most common method of advertising and sponsoring sweepstakes contests is through magazine publishers. The primary purpose of magazine-sponsored sweepstakes contests is to increase the magazine’s subscription base, though by law any eligible entrant is not required to make any purchase, such as a subscription to the magazine. The number of sweepstakes contests at any given time is so large that it would be impractical to make a complete listing, yet there are ways to find contests that offer you the most interesting prizes. One method is to develop keywords that when entered into a search engine, such as Google, will display the current contests for that type of prize. For example, entering the keywords: “sweepstakes prize cars and trucks” will give you many hits for winning new vehicles. Some of these contests are designed to be fun for the contestant. For example, Honda has a contest in which the contestant designs the Honda model of their choice by making selections on models and features, then at the end of the selection process is immediately notified if they have won that custom-designed vehicle. If not, the contestant can try again the next day. Other popular prizes include: cash, vacations, cruises, remodels, furniture suites, even new homes. By entering the appropriate keyword you won’t have to wade through prizes of lesser interest. Not all sweepstakes contests are for the big prize, either. There are a number of prizes for children who enter art contests. The prizes for winners usually are limited to art supplies, subscriptions, or a place on the cover...

WordPress – Making the World Go Round

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

WordPress has literally revolutionized the way businesses create an online presence. WordPress has made it not only extremely easy to build a brand new website from the ground up, it allows many users to create a simple site overnight for free. Here are just a few of the reasons why the WordPress platform makes the world go round and how you could grow your business utilizing this state of the art website platform. WordPress has made it incredibly easy for just about anyone to create a beautiful website in a short time. Once you upload the WordPress to your hosting, you then have the option to choose from hundreds of thousands of templates, or themes to choose from. Once you have selected a theme you like, you can upload plugins that perform different functions on your website. Plugins for site security, for SEO marketing, for social media, for accepting PayPal payments and many others are available free to use on your WordPress website. These plugins many times only need be uploaded, then activated to begin performing their designed tasks. You also have the ability to quickly monetize your website by adding affiliate banners and links with the click of a mouse. People today are beginning to utilize the power of WordPress in their business by creating an online presence that can offer products or services for sale that they may already have in their brick and mortar store. Adding an online presence that accepted credit cards in the past involved a tedious journey with a merchant account and then configuring the site so encrypted data is relayed back and forth to your cards processor. WordPress has made that process simple and easy. If you have a PayPal account, you can choose from a number of free plugins available that...

WordPress and Women

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

WordPress has been an invaluable technical resource for women interested in expressing themselves easily through the use of themes that express their feminine interests. These themes are versatile, and they can be used for personal or business blogs, as well as websites that want to use the WordPress foundation. While it is probably accurate to say that most WordPress theme developers are men who focus on colors and designs that appeal to other men, there are still numerous WordPress themes that are ideal for girls, women, and expressing feminine interests. So if you are looking to express a Mommy blog about the adventures of child-raising, a female fashion website, a beauty blog, or a personal memoir, then you will find numerous professional WordPress theme designed specifically for women bloggers and website owners who are primarily focused on speaking to a feminine readership. Here are three excellent themes to check out if you are interested in a WordPress theme for women. First, WP-Venus There is only one word for this theme—“gorgeous.” It is offered by Solostream and it is designed exclusively for women. This very versatile theme has a combination of soft colors with a clean layout. It’s perfect for almost all women bloggers, whether they are looking to launch a personal blog or start up their own business. The design is also mobile ready, which is a huge plus. Options are extensive and include integrated ad spots, portfolio template, multiple page layout options, a featured slider, and a panel for customization. Second, Hailey This theme can best be described as chic. It has a modern look-and-feel while offering a clean, well-organized design. Offered by BluChic, it has a soft look-and-feel…conveyed by the pastel colors. While it can be used by women bloggers, this theme will also work really well...

WordPress and the Youth of Today

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

The youth of today are so wrapped up in technology that many times they seem to understand all the latest advances before many adults. They have their little fingers on the pulse of society, and can quickly adapt their social lives accordingly. This is becoming more and more common as the youth of today are building bigger and better websites on the WordPress platform. The ease of use, the variety of styling and the price all factor into these kids making WordPress a vital part of their social media presence. Here are just a few ways that WordPress is helping the young adults of today to communicate and stay in touch with each other. Young adults today are all about social media. They all have Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter accounts to say the least. They are sharing pictures and videos and can spend incredible amounts of time on their smartphones with friends. The WordPress platform allows these kids to create websites overnight that can help them to interact on a more personal level. Unlike the giant social media accounts, a WordPress website can be a place where kids meet and share common interests without thousands or millions of posters looking over their shoulders. The WordPress website can be a place where friends share images and videos of special times in their lives that they just want to share with each other. WordPress allows you to create a place where only friends can enter and post, creating a very safe environment too. Many kids today are creating some very amazing websites on the WordPress platform. Kids have the ability to create vacation blogs, favorite recipe blogs, favorite band websites, and even favorite celebrity websites. Some young adults are using the WordPress platform for school related projects too. The ability to...

2013 Top WordPress Conferences

Posted on Sep 16, 2013

Unlike other conferences that leave attendees with a general portfolio of information, WordPress conferences provide attendees with a vast array of new material ranging from content structuring and marketing, to SEO optimization and networking details. Successful entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires attend these conferences because they know that the information they can obtain is seemingly priceless. Below you will find three of the best annual WordPress (or WordPress oriented) Conferences to attend. WordCamp San Francisco WordCamp San Francisco is made available both live and virtual to ensure maximum exposure. The last WordCamp San Francisco took place in July of 2013 and had a lineup consisting of Amy Hendrix, Mark Jaquith, John James Jacoby, Brad Williams, Jake Goldman, and more. Live Tweets were distributed by @WordCampSF (follow the account now to stay updated before next years conference). Last year, the live stream tickets cost a total of $10, and you definitely get your money’s worth. You can view videos of last years speakers on the WordCamp San Francisco official website. PressNomics Another great WordPress oriented conference is PressNomics, which will be held between October 17th through the 19th of this year (2013) in Phoenix, Arizona at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel. Speakers include Frederick Townes, founder of W3 EDGE, Noel Tock, creator of ClickBank Powered, Maria Ogneva, business strategist, and thirteen other speakers. General admission tickets cost $300 and can be bought here. Call (800) 547-8705 for directions. WordCamp Providence WordCamp Providence was recently held from August 16th through the 17th in Providence, Rhode Island. Speakers included Aaron Ware, President of LinchPin, K. Adam White, engineer at Bocoup, Brad Parbs, engineer and developer, Dr. Renee Hobbs, author, and many more. The event was held at the University of Rhode Island’s Feinstein Providence Campus. Topics that were discussed were real-time site impersonation,...