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Posted on Oct 30, 2017

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Counter UAS Industry Day, Nov 7-8

UAS PumaUnmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) allow for an aerial view without the need for a human pilot. For military contractors/suppliers, UAS systems are in high demand by the government. Government realizes that it’s less expensive to use UAS systems rather than human pilots. It’s also safer for them to send a UAS system into a hostile situation than risk a human life. There is also a threat posed by other UAS systems from hostile individuals/nations. For that reason, there is also a huge interest in counter UAS technology in addition to UAS technology.

From November 7-8, 2017, ADS will be hosting a UAS/Counter UAS technology industry day. This will give you, as a military contractor or supplier, the opportunity to meet with and interact with people in the UAS/Counter UAS industry. The event is comprised of 8 1-hour educational sessions on UAS technology.

This day will include demonstrations from technology vendors, along with training sessions on UAS technology. Presentations begin with a demonstration of payload/controller technology and aerial intelligence for life-saving missions. This is followed by a presentation on technology that is designed to extend the capability of the warfighter by providing an appropriate response to threats from other UAS systems. Another 1-hour session is focused on research in drone radio signal jamming. Signal jamming is designed to ensure that the pilot is not able to control the UAS system that poses a threat.

The companies and individuals present at the conference are market leaders. They truly understand the industries/markets they serve, and this event is the perfect opportunity for you to network with people in the industry. These connections can become very valuable for you as you are looking to expand your presence in a rapidly-growing sector of the government market. Don’t hesitate to come to Virginia Beach, at the Military Aviation Museum in order to learn more about some of the incredible drone technologies on the market today. These educational seminars are designed to be of a huge benefit to you and your organization. Countering UAS technology can be a huge hassle, but with the right partners – you can win the game every time.