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Posted on Sep 16, 2013

WordPress and Women

WordPress has been an invaluable technical resource for women interested in expressing themselves easily through the use of themes that express their feminine interests. These themes are versatile, and they can be used for personal or business blogs, as well as websites that want to use the WordPress foundation.

While it is probably accurate to say that most WordPress theme developers are men who focus on colors and designs that appeal to other men, there are still numerous WordPress themes that are ideal for girls, women, and expressing feminine interests.

So if you are looking to express a Mommy blog about the adventures of child-raising, a female fashion website, a beauty blog, or a personal memoir, then you will find numerous professional WordPress theme designed specifically for women bloggers and website owners who are primarily focused on speaking to a feminine readership.

Here are three excellent themes to check out if you are interested in a WordPress theme for women.

First, WP-Venus

There is only one word for this theme—“gorgeous.” It is offered by Solostream and it is designed exclusively for women. This very versatile theme has a combination of soft colors with a clean layout. It’s perfect for almost all women bloggers, whether they are looking to launch a personal blog or start up their own business. The design is also mobile ready, which is a huge plus. Options are extensive and include integrated ad spots, portfolio template, multiple page layout options, a featured slider, and a panel for customization.

Second, Hailey

This theme can best be described as chic. It has a modern look-and-feel while offering a clean, well-organized design. Offered by BluChic, it has a soft look-and-feel…conveyed by the pastel colors. While it can be used by women bloggers, this theme will also work really well for women-oriented businesses, ranging from craft websites to creative feminine niches. Again, like WP-Venus, there are a large number of features like sliders, theme options, a color wheel, and so on. Again, this is a mobile ready platform.

Third, Chamomile

This is another theme from BluChic. The color scheme is mint and pink and it is most suitable for women business owners who want a blog or website around niches like event planning, paper and stationary, weddings, and baby showers. Like Hailey, numerous features come with this theme, making it a versatile platform.

Other WordPress Themes for Women

Here is a short list of some other WordPress themes that would be perfect for women bloggers and entrepreneurs:

1. Craftiness

As the name implies, this theme from Studiopress is suitable for women who are interested in a craft website.

2. Beverly

Another theme from BluChic, the Beverly WordPress Theme is for women interested in creating a website in the fashion, lifestyle, beauty, or parenting niches.

3. Luscious

A Studiopress theme, luscious is suitable for bloggers or publishers looking for a feminine look which is at once clean and colorful.


These themes, of course, are only a small sampling of the numerous options available for women, either as developers interested in creating themes for women or for bloggers and publishers interested in creating a theme exclusively for a female readership.