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Posted on Sep 16, 2013

WordPress – Making the World Go Round

WordPress has literally revolutionized the way businesses create an online presence. WordPress has made it not only extremely easy to build a brand new website from the ground up, it allows many users to create a simple site overnight for free. Here are just a few of the reasons why the WordPress platform makes the world go round and how you could grow your business utilizing this state of the art website platform.

WordPress has made it incredibly easy for just about anyone to create a beautiful website in a short time. Once you upload the WordPress to your hosting, you then have the option to choose from hundreds of thousands of templates, or themes to choose from. Once you have selected a theme you like, you can upload plugins that perform different functions on your website. Plugins for site security, for SEO marketing, for social media, for accepting PayPal payments and many others are available free to use on your WordPress website. These plugins many times only need be uploaded, then activated to begin performing their designed tasks. You also have the ability to quickly monetize your website by adding affiliate banners and links with the click of a mouse.

People today are beginning to utilize the power of WordPress in their business by creating an online presence that can offer products or services for sale that they may already have in their brick and mortar store. Adding an online presence that accepted credit cards in the past involved a tedious journey with a merchant account and then configuring the site so encrypted data is relayed back and forth to your cards processor. WordPress has made that process simple and easy. If you have a PayPal account, you can choose from a number of free plugins available that will create a shopping cart that can accept virtually any form of credit card. You could be accepting payments for your service in literally minutes with the ease of WordPress. In addition to payments, it is vital you attract and grow your mailing list to maintain an advantage over your competitors. WordPress gives you the opportunity to use plugins that will give visitors the opportunity to sign up for newsletters, or additional service from your website. Finally if your business is social, adding a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google + button to your website is as easy as a few clicks. The social plugins allow your visitors to help you grow your business by giving them the chance to post your content on their walls instantly.

WordPress continues to reach a global market, and this is aided by the fact so many celebrities are using WordPress sites themselves. Kobe Bryant has his own basketball themed WordPress website. Miley Cyrus has a very impressive WordPress website that attracts thousands of visitors each day. Even the king of hip hop, Jay-Z, has a WordPress theme website promoting all his music interests. If John Grisham, Terrel Owens and Russel Brand are using WordPress websites successfully, imagine what you could do tonight with your very own site.